Fanatics’ Favorite New Clubhouse: AFS at the Marchesa

Film Fanatics' Favorite New Clubhouse: AFS at the Marchesa

When they set up camp in 2013 in the Marchesa Hall & Theatre in Lincoln Village, the Austin Film Society made a sanctuary for the movie-mad to congregate and celebrate a shared passion. Whether it’s a visiting director giddy to show her film on 35mm, a sharp-as-a-tack programmer introducing an underseen gem, or the super-savvy audiences who lap it all up, everybody gets a holy kind of feeling at the Marchesa. Amen to that, our brothers and sisters in cinephilia.

Event Calendar & Film Screenings

Weekly film screenings in our 278 seated theatre, presented by
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Blue Genie Art Bazaar – 2010! at The Marchesa

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